For any organization, financial data is very crucial and it is very important to find the best way to store it securely. Every company must have strong and secure data protection techniques however, some small-scale companies find it a little difficult to do this.

To start with QB 2011 R6 and QB 2012 R12, these versions are equipped with an auto-data restoration that is capable of creating a quick backup for the data files. This is limited to only Pro and the latest versions of QuickBooks. QB Business and QB Leading Account does not support this special feature.

If you have the supported version of the QB application, there is one additional directory in it that includes some new data files. This additional directory is nothing but a QB auto-data restoration directory.

How Does Auto-Restoration Work In QuickBooks?

When you run the QB Zazzle corporation file, the feature of QB automatic data restoration will start performing some diagnostics on the files in the next hour. If these diagnostics start an information file and that leads to the assessment, it clarifies that the relevant file is crucial and the backup file is converted to the ADR directory.

QB is capable of creating more backups for information files every 12th time the first back is made. The QB application has to be active for the completion of this process. Once this process ends, you will have two backups for the information file. One will be 12th times old and others will be 24th times old.
How To Restore The Backup File? Intuit does not support this step to be done on its own. If you wish to restore the Backup File, it is recommended to contact the Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors +1800-366-1468 of  ProAccountingAdvisors. One of our highly-qualified QB ProAdvisors will assist you to recover the backup file.

QuickBooks Automatic Data Restoration Functionality

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