QuickBooks makes it really easy and simple to manage your small or mid-size business. Intuit develops and releases regular updates for all versions of QB to compete with other accounting software. These updates are also released to free QB from any bugs or errors. In this article, we will show you how you can easily resolve the QuickBooks Error 1303.

QuickBooks ProAdvisors of ProAccountingAdvisors offers instant error resolution service for QuickBooks Error 1303 via their toll-free Phone Number +1800-366-1468.

Let’s talk a little more about this error. QuickBooks Error 1303 is categorized as an installation error and it occurs while the user is trying to install QB on their desktop. You will not be able to install QB unless and until you resolve the error code 1303.

You can easily resolve QB Error 1303 by implementing these troubleshoot steps. Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors have tried and tested all the steps and they are completely safe to follow. But we would still recommend that you create a backup of your QuickBooks data before moving forward with the below-given steps to resolve QuickBooks Error 1303.

Steps To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1303

The QuickBooks Experts recommend two solutions using which you can resolve this error. Follow the steps as they are given and do not make any changes to the steps:

Solution 1: Change Folder Permissions

  • Change the permission to Full Control for all the groups and system for C:\Documents and Settings\All Users folder.
  • Open the Run utility by pressing Windows + R on your keyboard or go to the Start Menu and search for Run.
  • Click on text field and copy-paste this: C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES.
  • Press Enter.
  • You will be transferred to the Common Files folder. Now, click on the Organize option.
  • Now, choose Properties.
  • Click on Security > Advanced and go to the Permission Entry list.
  • Select System User.
  • Click on the checkbox in front of Full Control to mark it. Hit Enter.
  • Repeat these steps for Everyone group.
  • Click on the checkbox in front of Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object to mark it.
  • Click on the positive options in all the prompts which appear on your desktop screen.
  • Now, go back and try to install QuickBooks again on your system. If you still face the QuickBooks Error 1303 then move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Disable The Simple File Sharing

How To Get QuickBooks Technical Services?

The above given solutions can resolve the QuickBooks Error 1303 easily. We understand that some users might not be comfortable in applying all the steps to fix QB Error 1303, but you do not have to worry. Also, if the QB Error 1303 couldn’t be resolved manually then you can contact the QuickBooks Technical Team.

All you have to do is call our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors of ProAccountingAdvisors on the toll-free Phone Number +1800-366-1468 and they will guide you to fix QuickBooks Error 1303.

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 1303

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